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Empire War

Become the Emperor of the world in the latest addition to our catalogue, Empire War. Following a long period of research and development, we are pleased to announce that Empire War is now online. Develop unique strategies and enter real-time combat to determine who claims the spoils of war. Plunder and capture enemy cities before submitting them to your will in a battle of weak against strong. Do you have what it takes?

Special Features:
Micro-battles: Take control of your men as they enter combat in your name.
Multi-city control: Manage numerous cities and watch your empire grow in size and stature.
Historical cities: Famous cities or yore are available for you to take command of.
Legendary heroes: Recruit heroes to lead your cities and armies against your foes.
Strategy: Use tactics to confuse and bamboozle your enemy and gain the upper hand.
Arm types: A wide range of troops and arms to commit to the fight.
Titles: Build your reputation to gain more privileges.
Trade: Conduct smart business by trading resources with other players.
Alliance Wars: March alongside your allies and force those who oppose you to bow before you